Do You Struggle Feeling Inadequate and Not Good Enough!

anxiety attacks fear of failure self-doubt May 06, 2022

Are your thoughts making  you feel "I'm not good enough?"

Did you grow up in an overly-strict home and could not please anyone? You went the extra mile but no matter what you did, you never got the praise and affirmation you deserved. All you wanted to hear from them was - "you did a good job," "I love you," but instead heard it was never good enough and it hurt. 

At work, with friends, or at events, you have feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, and worthlessness that can be immensely challenging and painful and lead to anxiety. 

You may battle other challenges like depression, lack of motivation, feelings of powerlessness, and feelings of hopelessness. Yet there is hope.

Many people, whether their surroundings at work, roles in life, housewife, get stuck and never reach their goals, or are able to make meaningful relationships with others. These feelings lead to several challenges. 

There is hope! The beautiful aspect of my expert coaching program is helping you be able to see the breakthroughs in overcoming these feelings and recognizing one's worth.

If you would like help from an expert anxiety coach, you may want to do a free strategy session with me ($222 value). If gives you a chance to learn about my 12-week program.


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