In the Midst of a Storm?

anxiety attacks anxiousness chronic worry May 24, 2022

The disciple's reaction is desperate. They wouldn't have woken Jesus if they weren't seriously worried. 

Have you ever worried to the point you were frantic? Was it over your children, finances, marriage, or your job?

Consider all the disciple's witnesses spending time with Jesus.

  • They've seen Jesus sit all night in towns healing the sick and demonized.
  • They've heard Him teach with previously unknown authority.
  • They've seen Him heal a centurion’s servant from a distance.
  • They watched Him heal Peter's mother-in-law.
But, when the storms came, their faith was challenged. Did they take their eyes to get focused on the problem instead of putting their trust in the Lord?
With the pandemic, economic woes globally, cost of gas and food going up, some of you are concerned. 
Did you know that faith activates miracles of God through Jesus? But, right now, with the concerns of the world, you may be frantic over a situation around you. Is it causing anxious thoughts, panic attacks, or excessive worry?
What can a person do? Well, put your trust in Him. Keep your eyes on the Lord and His Word. The Word of God is a two-edged sword of Truth. It can bring life as divides and deposit truth into your heart. 
Sometimes, because of past experiences, we need healing to get the doubts and unbelief out of the way. Maybe you've been betrayed, slandered, or attacked on your character. Your faith has been rocked and needs some help to rebuild your faith in the Lord.
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