Trying to Live Up To Your Own Unrealistic Expectation?

anxiety attacks anxiousness fear of failure May 06, 2022

Do you push yourself to "do" beyond what the human is not capable of doing exhausted, and fatigued trying to live up to your own expectations? When you feel you cannot meet your expectations, does it trigger significant anxiety and stress? 

You are so driven by perfectionism and competitiveness that you feel you have to be better than everyone else because of the fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of criticism? You cannot say no!

Do you make decisions out of guilt, to make up for ways you think you're not good enough?

My question to you is what is your sense of purpose? Does it involve long-waking hours, trying to be perfect in everything because of that fear of failure? 

Are your negative thoughts dictating at the present moment or largely in the future? Do you feel depressed and some days cannot function? 

Wouldn't you like to focus on the present moment and allow yourself to live fully and free in that moment? Also, how about your health? High blood pressure, stomach issues like constant 

Can you pull down those high expectations that are so high that they control your life? 

Do you need help? My program focuses on the following:

Ø   I help you to become less anxious and help you identify negative thought patterns causing your anxiety through my proven five-step biblical mind-management program.

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