We offer group and 1:1 coaching experience for men and women. Our Biblical Mind Transformational 12-week Program is designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. We support and work with you to overcome anxiety and fear so that you can live a life free of peace and confidence!

KICK OUT ANXIETY! STEP INTO GOD'S PROMISED PEACE IN 90-DAYS - how to overcome anxiety and fear


The 90-Day On-Demand Course (Biblical Mind-Transformational Toolkit) -   Anxiety Support and Recovery with Neuroplasticity Exercises

2 Corinthians 4:16 "So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day."  

Anxious2Victorious Women 90-Day Program: Wouldn't you like to live life free?

A)   Unmasking Anxiety:

1.   Getting to know you and tour

2.   Why the Anxiety Ruling my life Assessment?

3.  Learn why thoughts determine the outcome 

 B)  Resolving the Foundation of Pain - Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted Luke 4:18

1.  Healing the past wounds of hurt by letting go of worry and dread

2.  Self-care/self-love (rise from regrets and self-unforgiveness)

C)  Five Steps to Declutter Your Anxiety and Strategy:

1.  Identify the core beliefs dictating the outcome

2.  Reflect on why the lie you believe by learning where thoughts come from

3.  Taking responsibility for the mistaken belief

4.  Unlocking the thought lies

5.  Replace Prevention for Victory - reframing all negative thoughts with God's truth

Sign Up Today for the Proven Five-Step Program - based on neuroscience and biblical truths

  •  A life-changing course that empowers Christian women to break the grips of anxiety,

  • Understand your brain that gets you stuck in negative thoughts,

  • Learned proven neuroscientific tools to get results faster, and
  • A Guide to renewing your mind using the power of science and the Word of God.

  • Most of all, the victory: Being yourself again with peace, confidence, unending energy, and no more loneliness 

After each session is a prayer ministry of healing, prayer, and some deliverance.

HOw to overcome anxiety and depression

Are You Sick and Tired of Anxiety Holding You Back?

Looking into the negative thoughts, self-image, behaviors, the lies believed, and transforming to experience the maximum breakthrough:

  1. Do you have persistent uneasiness, worry, or nervousness, usually, particularly around an event or situation?
  2. How about persistent worry? Feeling dread and apprehension?
  3. Do you avoid situations or events that cause fear, anxiety, or stress?
  4. How about continually second-guessing when trying to make a decision? Are you afraid of making the wrong decision and disappointing God?
  5. Do you have daily panic attacks when going over a bridge, flying, or on trains?
  6. Is your crippling anxiety overwhelming you to the point when you are unable to regularly attend day-to-day functions at home or at work?

There is hope. My 12-week program will help you overcome to experience peace in your life. 


A Step-By-Step 90-Day Plan to Overcome Anxiety and Fear, After Registration, To Implement Processes Combined with Biblical Truth, Wisdom, and the Power of the Holy Spirit:  

Step 1: Learn the Biblical Mind Transformation 12-Week Program in our on-demand 5-step process teachings, 

Step 2: Work through the homework exercises to discuss in class that is designed to take you deeper, discovering negative emotions triggering anxiety,

Step 3: Learn neuroplasticity exercises that help calm the brain,

Step 4: Practice tools, journaling daily (as a bonus gift), listen to God, journey home to love and acceptance,

Step 5: Show up for the zoom classes as a group for 1.15 hours to discuss, Q&A, and prayer ministry.

Step 6 - Show up in the Anxious2Victorious Community Room Anxiety Support to connect, pray for one another, etc.

Step 7: The process empowers you to take control of your anxious, negative thoughts and feelings to conquer anxiety and experience the peace of God in every situation, starting now.


Anxiety Recovery, anxiety relief, through anxiety support to learning to love yourself again.
how to overcome anxiety in a relationship

Why People Have Anxiety! 

  • Did you experience some type of traumatic event (rape, physical or verbal abuse)?
  • Did you grow up in a conditionally-loved home? You had to perform to get love?
  • How about a critical parent growing up? Research points to studies that parents who are critical, harsh, and overly authoritarian can produce children who are challenged with anxiety.
  • Maybe you were an unwanted birth? Children from unintended pregnancies tend to experience more depressive symptoms and anxiety.
  • How about witnessing domestic violence as a child? 22% of adults developed major depressive disorder and anxiety. 
  • Did you grow up emotionally neglected by your parents or caregivers? Do you ignore your emotions? How about suffering with feelings of rejection, worthlessness, and insecurity that trigger anxiety?
  • Many more scenarios cause anxiety later in life. 

Mental mind issues that control you:

  • Self-critical voice and self-condemnation when things go wrong
  • Overwhelmed and scattered when overloaded with life. 
  • People-pleasing to live up to others' expectations? Are you exhausted?
  • Questioning your knowledge and abilities in everything you do because of self-doubt?
  • Excessive worries about everything?
  • Projecting fear or dread almost every day expecting things to go wrong?
  • Isn't it time to do something about it?

Transformed woman of God with confidence to experience God’s peace and love, moving forward in your abilities actually to use the giftings.


How Does it Work?

We meet once a week for 12-weeks (Zoom Classes) to get you the breakthrough results that are Christ-Centered Biblical Mind Management Program:

  • Learn the five-step action plan of practical steps and strategies to dismantle the enemy's lies and enter into God's truth so that the enemy cannot hold you back from your purpose. 
  • Implement specific anti-anxiety tools that break the cycle of worry and anxiety attacks.
  • Uncover your triggers leading to anxiety.
  • Breakthrough fear and doubt to take risks again with a new God-confidence.
  • Get grounded in your identity in God that brings healing mental, physical, and spiritual.
  • Develop your awareness to love yourself again and break the cycle of guilt and shame.

Our goal is for you to have real change that is long-lasting. You’ll be making small changes moving more into God's truth while creating new habits that bring God’s peace and confidence in every situation. 


ways to overcome anxiety

The benefits received through the program:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death
  • A calm mind
  • Trusting God in hardships and times of stress
  • Better relationship with God, others, and self
  • Hearing God never like before
  • If you have a mental or physical disease, start healing and overcoming, and get off medications.


We invite you to find out more about God's amazing plan for your life.



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Teresa Morin - 3 months of video live group coaching calls - Kiok oUt Anxiety and Step into God Promised Peace in 90-Days - Anxiety Relief
3 months of video live group coaching calls - Kiok oUt Anxiety and Step into God Promised Peace in 90-Days - Stress Relief - Receive Free ebook with program
3 months of video live group coaching calls - Kiok oUt Anxiety and Step into God Promised Peace in 90-Days - Receive free devotional & Journal



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Five Biblical Keys to Renew Your Mind with God's Truth: Inspire, Equip, & Empower You to Step In Your God-Given Kingdom Destiny

  • Crush fear, worry, and anxious thoughts
  • Learn to discern the enemy's lies about you
  • Expose the hidden false core beliefs controlling your emotions and habits
  • Conquer past regrets, shame, and self-unforgiveness
  • Walk out of feeling defective or less than others and step into your God-given purpose 

What People Are Saying:


Cynthia Keller

"When I came to the Anxious2Victorious 5-step 1-on-1, I was a mess - full of anxiety, suffered from depression, and driven to live up to other people's expectations. Teresa was so living and patient with me. I implemented her program and took charge of my thoughts.

Today, I have peace and learned to become my true self. No more anxiety! I cannot thank Teresa enough for the ways she cared about me."


Donna Gorman

"Before I signed up for Teresa Morin’s 1-on-1 online class, I regularly suffered from anxiety, decision fatigue, overthinking, and workload paralysis, which would keep me up at night. I had to take an extended leave from work. Teresa cared for me and helped me understand why I suffered from anxiety. Once I implemented her steps, I was able to overcome the self-critic voices in my head. I returned to work full of joy, peace, and new confidence, no longer doubting my decisions."


Kathy Richardson

"I suffered from anxiety, Stress, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that affected my career and life in every area. I couldn’t go a day without a reaction. When I attended Teresa’s teachings, I started to understand the open door to my issues. After going through her classes, I could start living again. I now have no more anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain, reactions to my environment, and no more cloudy thinking and depression. I got my life back and returned to work with peace of mind."

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