Hosted by Teresa Morin

Subject: Transform Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and Health

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Are you tired of well-meaning friends and family giving advice, "Just pray more” or “Stop worrying so much” or “Calm down" - leaving you feeling defeated and ashamed? Do you struggle with:

  • Being stressed out and not able to meet the expectations of others?
  • Not able to sleep at night ruminating about your day?
  • Not being able to focus without feeling overwhelmed?
  • Worry 50% of the time (job, finances, children) that makes you distressed?
  • You know “God loves you”… but have a hard time believing it in your heart? Out of will of god. I’ve always live for you.

What you will learn in this webinar:

Learn How To

Salvation (2 Cor. 5:17) after salvation what it means to "become new."

Learn How To

The why and importance of Renewing the Mind in A Biblical Way

Learn How To

Identify the subconsious negative core beliefs that drives negative thoughts and anxiety.

Learn How To

Learn where thoughts come from and how to recognize who is speaking that sounds like your voice

Learn How To

What are Strongholds – spiritually and biologically and how it is mental captivity and affects even physically like disease.

Learn How To

Learn how  how our thoughts affect our emotions, attitude, and behaviors.

Learn How To

Impliment solutions and get results.

Are You Ready to... ?

  • A calm and quiet mind?
  • Content and enjoying life?
  • Increased mental focus and more productive?
  • Better decisions without feeling overwhelmed and taking forever?
  • Lower depression, distress and more energy?
  • Feel free, not stuck, happy, joyful, at peace and more confident?

Read Tetimonies

Well, for the past 10 years, I’ve been working on a secret side project. A system that works. ... compiling, condensing, testing, refining, and asking for feedback. Thee women did my trial and it worked. Read their stories.

Charlotte Gonzales

“I no longer feel I need to always be doing something for other people and neglect my own needs. I learned to love myself as God loves me.”

Shannon West

“Teresa taught me how to quiet the inner critical voice that harshly put me down in my abilities. I’ve learned to replace them with God’s truth.

Arlene Jackson

“I no longer self-doubting myself but having the confidence in decision-making flourish at work and home. I know that God is my solution.”

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